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Don’t Be An Entrepreneur – Interview With Phil Libin From Evernote

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During this years Arctic15, Phil Libin from Evernote gave a great speech that came down to one thing, you have to be a very special type of person with a useful idea in order to be an entrepreneur. If you are in it for the money, fame or power – you are doing it wrong.

According to Phil Libin, you need to be focusing on trying to make a world a better place and I could not agree more. Phil’s main advice was: “Build something for yourself”. He also suggested that it is best to find bad experiences and try making them just a little bit better.

Following the presentation we rushed out to Phil for a video interview and just as his speech, it was very exciting. It seems that Evernote is an exciting company to work for and they are very keen on finding great people to join them from the region. He also mentioned “… the world economy needs more of is Entrepreneurship… and events like these further that” and that people need to start thinking of how to create their own jobs as opposed to joining companies.

You can check out the full interview below where we also discuss cybernetics, Evernote Business and gaming:

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