DNA Is Reaching Out To The Startup Ecosystem

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post with our partner DNA Engine.

    At ArcticStartup we write about how startups that are innovating to face corporations with larger wallets and resources. However once in a while, these corporations realize that startups are great partners and that the two can co-exists in order to bring better products, services and opportunities to all.

    DNA, the Finnish telecom, recognized that they have a lot to learn from and a lot to give to the startup ecosystem in order to foster creativity, collaboration and growth.

    With this, the DNA Engine blog was born, which is going to focus on innovations that drive the market towards greater customer experiences. Their motivation to write this blog is to explore, contact and discuss openly with all the innovative companies that share the same mindset of open collaboration towards disruptive market development.

    So without further adieu, here is an interview with Jarkko Utriainen, Head of Finance business at DNA Ltd:

    What can DNA learn from Startups and what can Startups learn from DNA?

    We know that many startup companies might see operators as old, hierarchic dinosaurs that are hard to contact and partner with. And vice versa, some operators might see startups as too unmatured to do business with.

    In both cases, some of this might be true, but what we have already learnt from our previous startup partners, is that we need to be bold and fast. That is the key point in creating something unique and unexpected, which is what we are aiming for in the future. Without something or someone disrupting the market, the end-customers are the ones that will suffer the most. We see that co-operation around disruptive trends, such as OTT-services, can be fruitful for all sides if the communication between all parties involved is kept open. Startups will learn what trends are in the interest of DNA customers and how we at DNA see the market disrupting trends and how those affect the communication business of tomorrow.

    What will entrepreneurs will be surprised to learn about DNA?

    Definitely one thing will surprise many – the idea behind our innovation strategy, which is that we are open to form partnerships with companies that at first view might seem to have nothing to do with telecommunications.

    But if we see that our customers would benefit from such partnerships’ offering, we are more than willing to take upon such operations. This is how we truly believe in open innovation and we are willing to take according actions for such to happen in the future.

    What are you hoping to say with your new blog DNA Engine?

    Through our blog, we hope to be able to show the startup community how a company with an established footing in the market can also learn from others and further evolve as a company. We would like to discuss openly about the trends and disruptions that are vital to the development of the industry. Such discussions are typically only held within the company walls, but we see networking and an open mindset towards the future trends as a way to drive and support the forces of innovations. For this we will have very intriguing guest writers also sharing their visions about the development of the mobile ecosystems. So stay tuned, enjoy, please do comment and share your thoughts about our visions.

    How can Startups reach someone directly at DNA?

    If you are a Startup and feel that you, us, and our customers could benefit from our cooperation, please do let us know about you! You will find our contact info in the DNA Engine blog and on our company website.

    About Jarkko: Since joining DNA in 2001, Jarkko has held the positions of Research director (R&D), Head of strategy & Business Intelligence. As the Head of New Business, Jarkko is currently focusing on new business initiatives e.g. mobile payment, as well as implementing the partnership strategy.

    About DNA Engine

    DNA Engine is a blog driven by innovations, startups and DNA’s continuous search for leading-edge partnerships. They enjoy seeing companies which are continuously coming up with new innovative products and services that shape their way of using technology. They blog about their own insights on mobile handset ecosystems, innovation-driving companies and ICT phenomena, but also invite interesting guest bloggers to share their views.