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Disney’s Matthew Grossman has confirmed to Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that they have acquired the Finnish gaming company Rocket Pack. There was no confirmation or disclosure of any other details of the deal. First rumours of this began to surface last night on Twitter, but they were hard to confirm. The company was acquired relatively quickly, just a year from its founding.

We previously covered Rocket Pack in December when they announced their cross platform game Warimals into Alpha. The game works in Facebook just as well it should on your favorite mobile device.

Finnish gaming startups have been hitting home runs in the recent months quite steadily. Supercell announced their Gunshine.net game. Grey Area announced their huge funding round last month. It looks like the industry is certainly living some kind of a golden age (reference to Civilisation here). The good in all this is, that hard work pays off – international investors and companies are more and more looking to Northern Europe, not only for talent, but for well executed innovation in the form of startups as well.