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Ironstar Helsinki, the gaming studio behind the virtual world Moipal, has refocused and launched a new game called Disco Empire, last May.

Disco Empire is a restaurant management game on Facebook. Think Farmville in a night club. Players can make drinks and snacks, and serve them to their happy customers. The company decided to focus its attention on the new game, which was built with monetization in mind from the start. Users can buy virtual goods, such as furniture and other decorative things, for their club. This makes their progression in the game faster. It seems to be working, as the turnover was 20k euros in September, and on track to be profitable this year.

The game has been picking up pace since July, with 230k monthly active users and 35k daily. This might have something to do with its partnerships with both Applifier and Appstrip (a similar banner for game promotion on Facebook).

Facebook is becoming a more viable gaming platform by the day. With a revamped game dashboard, reduced spam and notifications, credits, and a social graph larger than the Nintendo Wii, it’s starting to enable success stories. However, with sudden changes to the notifications and tensions with Zynga, it’s difficult to predict if Facebook is a solid platform to rely on in the long term.

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