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In this article we talk to Jukka Partanen, the CEO of Digna IT Oy, which is a company that specialises in invoice collection services. They help companies manage invoice collection through their service instead of using expensive third party solutions, that can lower the amount of money your company would get. In essence, they’re making more money for their clients by giving them more tools for collecting late payments.

Jukka Partanen explains to us how the service works. “Digna PRO is a payment surveillance system running in Windows Azure. It is easy to implement into use because of the standard interfaces such as Finvoice 1.3. Digna PRO fetches payment information from banks automatically and if a payment is not received before the due date, it starts automatically reminder and debt collection processes.”

Partanen puts this into context of better customer service, “Digna PRO allows enterprises and organizations to effectively take care of their receivables by themselves. Digna PRO means better customer service even when invoices are overdue.”

Digna IT has been part of the Bizspark program as well. They’ve leveraged Microsoft services in getting their company off the ground faster. “Our mission is to change the debt collection business not only in Finland but also in other European countries. Our value propositions is a very short payback period through easy implementation and rapid revenues. We needed a scalable platform to fulfill our propositions and Microsoft Azure was clearly our choice to that platform”, states Partanen.

He says, the company hasn’t yet leveraged Microsoft’s vast partner network all that much, but is looking to do so once the company goes overseas.

Below is a more detailed image of how Digna IT integrates into existing services and infrastructures. Itella iPost is Finland’s postal service’s API.

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