DigitalBooker Signs Deal With Fonecta

    Fonecta and DigitalBooker have signed a collaboration agreement where DigitalBooker’s online booking system is being offered to Fonecta’s corporate customers as a part of its existing service package. Fonecta provides media, customership, and consumer services for about 100,000 companies, most of who are are in Finland.  DigitalBooker develops, sells and maintains web-based booking systems for beauty, health, sports, wellness and many other booking purposes.  For these different purposes, DigitalBooker provides resource booking (for an object or room that may be in use), service bookings, and class bookings.

    “Fonecta’s deal aims to serve an even larger crowd of SMEs when we still take care of the larger customers ourselves,” says Fredrik Rönnlund, founder and partner at DigitalBooker. “Our growth strategy sort of grew on its own, when people first noticed our systems at other companies and finally we’ve now picked up interesting discussions with many larger houses who are willing to co-operate with us on different areas, both business areas as well as geographical areas.”

    Digitalbooker has currently seen half a million bookings made through their systems with the real growth starting only 6-9months ago. Today about 1000 bookings are made per day  by 50.000 registered end-users, which they point out is about 1% of the Finland’s population.

    For SMEs the value of a booking service is pretty clear. Digitalbooker allows customers to book their own appointments though an embedded booking service on the company’s website, saving them time and ambiguity. The business-faceing dashboard allows a manager to view the most used resources, most efficient workers and other analytics. The service also builds a customer registry, which also provides advanced marketing tools with smart groups, such as “all women over 30 years that have made a booking during the past 2months.” For targeted campaigns, a company could automatically email or SMS a smart group.

    The service is smooth and themeable, and it looks good on very different companies’ webpages. To see a few iterations of DigitalBooker in action, you can see it live at this salon, or this yoga studio for example.

    “At the end of the day it’s not only about booking,” says Rönnlund. “A booking system is a webshop for companies that sell services and a webshop needs analytics, marketing and resale. Yes, it saves time and yes it engages your customer and should do it even more, but it can be so much more.”