The pandemic has affected and will continue to affect the way of life of people around the world and for a long time to come.

First, regardless of your point of view on social isolation, it is a fact that the economy is being impacted at various points.

To overcome the difficulties, many companies are turning their attention to digital marketing. Because after all, we are all connected, more than ever, in this lockdown scenario.

Without wanting to minimize the pain of those who are grieving, we are all going through moments of anguish. But there is an old saying that where there is chaos or crisis, there are also opportunities.

Perhaps this can serve as a motivation for entrepreneurs and managers. Will your business look forward to what’s to come, downsize, or even back off your marketing investments? Will you let the competition dominate the market? Will you shrink and wait for everything to pass? Will you survive or thrive?

Above all, at this time you should stop, reflect and reevaluate viable digital marketing strategies for your business. Most likely, calmly and clearly, you will see that there are conditions and opportunities for your company to establish itself and even grow. How? Always making decisions based on data, ideas and analysis that make sense for your business. Either way, don’t feel hostage to circumstance. We are here to help you.

Take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and check out some digital marketing opportunities that can be easily implemented or adjusted to your business at this critical time.

1 – Interactive content for marketing

Videos, tutorials, e-books and guides. Infographics, surveys, evaluations and other interactive content are made to tell a story, give advice, request information.

They can also provide data and statistics that help your customer get more information about a problem or solution.

If this type of content is not yet part of your strategy, it may be a good time to start. They can range from a simple “story” on Instagram to an elaborate “Live”: the important thing is to do it and advertise it to the largest number of potential customers, either in your fan base or through ads.

Also consider implementing a link to initiate customer service through WhatsApp from your website. This also works for an online store.

As we have seen, both tools are interactive and help the client to initiate a more personal contact with the company.

2 – SEO techniques

Optimization (SEO) is one of the best sources to attract potential customers and generally offers high conversion rates: more than 14%, compared to less than 2% for traditional or “outbound” channels. Except, from time to time, Google makes significant adjustments to its algorithms, and this year will be no different. So don’t settle. Know that the same SEO techniques that may have put your company on top some time ago can be penalties today.

Talk to your digital marketing agency and get an SEO expert’s assessment.

3 – Transform your social networks and blog into e-commerce tools

Take advantage of every opportunity to bring a conversion link to your potential customers. Include these valuable shopping links, whenever it makes sense, in your social media posts and blog articles.

Talk about relevant topics and take the opportunity to connect with the customer when you have the information to help them make a decision.

Finally, make sure to share these posts on your Google My Business profile as well.

4 – Digital Marketing with Google Ads

Oh, what about Google Ads? This advertising partner continues to make improvements in the way it connects buyers with suppliers. Increasingly, Google’s artificial intelligence connects companies with consumers at the most favorable moments of purchase. Look at all the elements of your campaigns to optimize conversion costs.

So explore new ads, new keywords, new ways to convert. Google can do a lot to give your business greater visibility across all platforms. Also, generate sales for new and returning customers. So now is the time to resume or calibrate your campaigns.

5 – Invest in communication

Don’t leave your customer out of date. Inform your current and future client about everything: new rules of operation, delivery, returns, new products or services, new forms of service. Therefore, update your website frequently.

Create e-commerce functions so that your customers can order your products and services and pay for them safely and easily.

Maintain a good relationship with them: send informative and promotional newsletters by email and publish these contents on your social networks. Of course, don’t forget to answer any comments with questions.


Finally, to help you at this time, to put your ideas and these improvements into practice, request your initial assistance here.

We can help your company overcome all the difficulties of digital marketing, with a personalized service and solutions that fit your needs.

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