Digital Foodie Partners with Major Estonian Retailer and Begins Baltic Expansion

Doing your grocery shopping online is becoming more and more common. Pretty much all of the major grocery stores have realized that investing in e-commerce means keeping up with today’s markets and customer demands.

The benefits of online grocery shopping are many, both for the individual customers and the companies who provide the products. Customers can browse and search for their desired products easily and in the full comfort of their living rooms.

Companies will on the other hand will be getting valuable information on customer preferences. This data will help company managers get their customers what they really are looking for. Happy customers rhymes with returning customers, which means, in simplified math, more revenue.

All of this is in Digital Foodie’s field of expertise. They are one of the leading social e-commerce platform solutions for grocery retailers in Finland. Now, they are expanding overseas, again, after their push to the UK last year.

Today, they announced an established co-operation with Estonian retailer Prisma Peremarket, who is deploying the Foodie Product Suite. The core of the suite is the multichannel storefront built around Foodie’s behavioral recommendation engine. The second phase will expand the service to cover a larger assortment and more stores in Estonia.

Expansion and service evolution seems to be everywhere on Digital Foodie’s calendar. Their UK expansion has barely started and their platform invasion already includes all major mobile OS’s. With the Baltic expansion, it is clear is going to reach an entirely new range of customers, all in favor of the brands name.

“The pace of which consumers adapt new technologies is amazing. We were impressed by Foodie’s technology and the level of service they have been able to provide in other markets in such a short period of time. Our aim is to make the shopping experience in Prisma as convenient as possible, be that offline or online. Foodie is a perfect partner for us,“ says Janne Lihavainen, CEO of Prisma Peremarket

On the other side of the deal, Kalle Koutajoki, CEO of Digital Foodie has this to say:
“Retail industry is undergoing a major transformation from brick and mortar to online. Consumers demand transparency and convenient services to fit their individual needs. We have more than doubled S Group’s online sales in Finland in just 12 months”

In a nutshell, Digital Foodie is fulfilling their expansion plans. With project Estonia well on it’s way, the next step in the Europe campaign remains a mystery. We imagine digital grocery shopping will be on the rise in the coming years, so there’s plenty of room for to grow.