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Foodie, the mobile application to help you better manage your groceries, is expanding its offering to Nokia phones. the application has recently been available to the iPhone and also as a separate application in Facebook. Foodie isn’t your ordinary shopping list app. Foodie is able to learn what you shop for over time and then suggests items based on this learning. What’s better, it’s able to list the items in a way that they are layed out in the store.

Foodie is currently building its service offering in FInland. Due to a long history with Nokia, it is natural to expand to this platform. Nokia’s domination in Finland is still very strong and according to Foodie, the service has been frequently asked to support Nokia phones as well. Users are able to download the mobile app from the Ovi store for Nokia’s most recent smart phones, such as N8, E72 and N97.

While being a simple mobile app, it deserves to be said that the company has done quite a bit of work behind the scenes to make the execution of the strategy all the better. They have for example partnered with one of the largest store chains in Finland, S-Group, to make shopping easier in their grocery stores. S-Group is also offering product information on about 20 000 different products. Furthermore, users are shown relevant advertising from S-Group based on their shopping behaviour.

The company aims to go international with the concept. Back in March, we wrote about the company securing growth financing from Veraventure and Veturi Venture Accelerator (one of the Vigo accelerators in Finland).

Creating mobile apps has definitely taken a different turn in the recent year. While the majority is still developed by individual developers, more and more will take the route similar to Foodie. A while ago we reported Jyri Engeström securing 750 000 USD for his new company, most likely working with an application for the iOS.

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