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Monday, July 4, 2022

Digia Launches Qt5 – First Qt Release Since August Acquisition From Nokia

Digia, the Finnish software solutions and service company, has released Qt5, calling it a major release of the cross-platform development framework for desktop, embedded and mobile applications. Digia purchased Qt from Nokia in August, making this their first release since acquisition. Within this year the company says they will offer full iOS and Android support.

With the new release, developers now have access to increased graphics quality; performance on constrained hardware; cross-platform portability; support for C++11; HTML5 support with QtWebKit 2; a vastly improved QML engine with new APIs; ease of use and compatibility with Qt 4 versions.

Cross-platform portability is made even simpler in Qt 5 due to a new modularized code base, consisting of essentials and add-on modules, which enable the system code size to be reduced. The consolidation of the Qt Platform Abstraction layer also emphasizes cross-platform portability by enabling the ease of development for multiple-target deployment, bringing freedom to the developer.

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More information can be found on Digia’s press release.

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