Back in February we covered a new Finnish gaming startup called Supercell. It was founded by Mikko Kodisoja, one of the gaming gurus in the Finnish gaming industry. Supercell also received a significant amount of funding from London Venture Partners’ Phil Harrison (ex-Sony global studio director), David Gardner, (ex-EA COO, one of the early investors into Playfish), David Lau-Kee, Paul Heydon, Initial Capital LP (fund founded by serial entrepreneurs) as well as Jari Ovaskainen (ex-Iobox CEO). However, Petteri Koponen, one of the founders and early stage investors in Lifeline Ventures tweeted something interesting before and during the weekend.

On Friday, Koponen tweeted that he’s heading to “meet one of the best games development teams in the world” and apparently he was carrying some interesting papers. I tried to ask around for a comment on this in Facebook and he stated that people will find out in time. Below is the tweet Koponen posted.

After this, on Saturday he tweeted again – stating that he had just closed financing while his daughters were playing Guitar Hero at the Aalto ES Wappu party.

While this is of course speculation, Supercell is perhaps the best guess for the investment. Lifeline Ventures has other gaming companies under their belt as well. Grey Area could be another target for this investment, but Supercell’s team is a lot more experienced from publishing 165 games for 12 different platforms. Also, Grey Area received 1.9 million euros in series A a few months back.

You can be sure that we’ll be confirming or correcting this as the news becomes public.

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