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Devolver Breaks Down Barriers To Becoming A Spotify Competitor

Spotify is on a warpath, but Swedish Devolver seeks to grease the wheels for entrepreneurs that want to create their own take on a music streaming service. Devolver’s On Air platform allows entrepreneurs to use the company’s technical platform and relationships with content providers — two major barriers to entry to creating your own music streaming services.

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Devolver itself was formed in the summer of 2010 with the goal of providing solutions for the content industry. The company’s content partner is the Swedish InProdicon Digital Media, who has relationships with both the major and independent labels. Through them, Devolver is able to to provide music downloading, rental, and streaming services.

The On Air platform is reportedly very flexible and includes server components, interfaces and APIs to build scalable and flexible music applications for both mobile and desktop devices. The company has built their solution to be acceptable to the security demands of the labels and content holders, and offers much of what you expect from a streaming service, such as shared playlists and Facebook integration.

On the financial side, Devolver offers lifetime licensing, revenue sharing, and a hosted solution for the content and technology. They say they’ve created low barriers to entry so anyone can set up their own streaming service without a huge investment.

One has to ask if they have the technology and the relationships, why they don’t go ahead and build their own proprietary streaming music competitor if it’s as good of an idea as they suggest. But regardless it might be an interesting proposition for many entrepreneurs and investors out there.

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