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Design-focused Curator adds collaboration tools to iPad app

Curator is diving deep into collaboration features in its third major update since launching in 2013.

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The one-man project Curator was launched in 2013 to be the tablet answer to Evernote for creatives. That sounds funny written out like that, but there’s room there. Say you’re on the couch browsing away and looking for inspiration or information for a new project, you need a place on your iPad to save links and images. And if you’re a creative type, you need it to look clean and beautiful when you look at it later.

But with a major update Curator isn’t just a personal tool but now a work app. The update provided a mix of collaboration and sharing features that makes it easy to invite your co-workers and collaborators to a Curator Board in the iPad and iPhone app, or share it with a client.

People today expect to be able to do serious work on their mobile devices, and rightly so.

So far Curator has hit 150,000 downloads, been continuously featured in the App Store, including on the US front page, as well as reaching the Top 10 Productivity apps in 76 countries.

“We are making Curator into the best tool for the creative process, regardless of platform. You won’t need to reach for desktop tools like InDesign and Powerpoint to get work done. Focus on the content and Curator will help you publish or present it anywhere,” says Nordh.

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