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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Denmark's Sekoia picks up €2.7 Million with tech for elder care

You’ve seen the trend lines, our demographics are getting older and older. As the baby boom reaches retirement we need to seriously strengthen our elder care infrastructure and make it much more efficient, which is the logic behind Aarhus-based Sekoia, who announces today they’ve received a €2.7 million investment led by Northcap for their touchscreen platform that simplifies work for care workers. Klaus Nyengaard, previously the CEO of Just Eat, was the original business angel in Sekoia and acts as their chairman.

According to Sekoia they’ve rethought how care homes work through a touchscreen with apps that handle daily tasks and activities for care workers, as well as improve communication the team. The overall goal is to let software handle the office work required of care workers, then letting them spend more time actually providing care. By their numbers they’ve moved 33% of the time from offices back to people, as well as cut the amount of “unforced significant events” by 50%.

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“From here on we aim at fine-tuning our product to further improve our client business case, and become an even more attractive product to care homes in Denmark and nearby markets. It is an opportunity for us to further strengthen our team and continue our efforts to be the world’s best point-of-care platform”, says Ole Langvad Wessby, CEO of Sekoia.

To date Sekoia is live in 40 care homes in Denmark and is churning through 1 million care tasks every month. With the funding it looks like the team will be going after markets like the UK, Germany, and the rest of Scandinavia.

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