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Denmark's Opbeat comes out of Beta

One of the more promising developer tools coming out of the region, Opbeat, has come out of beta with their official launch party kicking off tomorrow in San Francisco. The Copenhagen-based team is solving one of the problems growing companies face – how to manage and stay better informed about the operations side of development, without having to build internal tools to do so.

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When visiting their Copenhagen office last year, Rasmus Makwarth explained the problem they’re solving stems from the changes in our industry. Back in the day, developers would send their code to the ops guys, who actually tinkered with the servers and deployment to make sure everything ran correctly. But that changed dramatically with the rise of AWS, Herouku, and other cloud services where developers are left solving the operations side until their company scales up to the size where they actually need an operations team.

The platform itself is to provide better communication around operations with more clean and actionable error logging. As it stands, you may get errors in one app, and collected data in another, but Opbeat aim to bring it all together. “It allows you to talk about the data in the context of the data,” Makwarth explained.

With their beta launch they’ve released a few features, plugging into GitHub, doing error logging with annotated stacktraces, letting you see frame-by-frame who edited the files, and in which release they were last changed, so you know who to ask for input. Additionally they’ve released an app that lets you get push notifications about new releases, errors and alarms when you’re on the go.

We last wrote about Opbeat as they raised €1.75 million from Balderton, as well as some Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify Co-founders.

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