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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Denmark's Northcap Puts In "Multimillion Euro" Investment Into Finland's Analyse²

When you go to the grocery store, they just seem to magically have stuff for sale there. Maybe I can’t speak for everyone, but you forget that there is a huge amount of research and data analyzing customer shopping trends to decide what products should be in your local corner shop. On this trend is Finland’s Analyse², which has received a “multimillion euro” investment from the Danish investment firm, Northcap to speed up the internationalization of their product analysis solution for fast moving consumer goods, meaning they should be taking it throughout Europe, Russia, and the Americas.

The company provides an analytical process called TrendInsite, which takes in SKU level product information, such as nutritional facts, package sizes, and descriptors like “organic” or “fair trade” to identify customer trends. By plugging into and analyzing this information, they can then provide their clients information on changing shopping behavior so they can properly respond to them.

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To help retailers and suppliers stay on top of these trends, they’ve produced a software solution called Analyse² Galaxy, which gives an understanding of shopper groups, and what types of needs shoppers have when they enter the store.

Analyse has customers in Finland, Russia, and Mexico, and has found itself up there on the Deloitte’s Fast 50 Finland list for four years now. Moving forwards it looks like they’re eying growth in Latin America, The U.S., Nordic Countries, and Russia, and will use the funding for internationalization.

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