Denmark's Endomondo Hits 20 Million Users Tracking Workouts

    At five years on the market, the Danish sports tracking app Endomondo announces it’s hit the milestone of 20 million users and over a billion miles of activity. This equals out to each user tracking about 50 miles, which is still pretty impressive if you consider everyone that’s downloaded an app and forgotten about it – like one might do with self-improvement apps.

    Equally impressive is their claim that they’re now reached a state of profitability that allows them to maintain operations and development without the need for outside financing. The main revenue channels have become the subscription solution, called Endomondo Premium, as well as the paid Endomondo PRO app and advertising.

    Traction in Europe and the US is said to be strong, but additionally they’ve seen strong growth in South America, Australia and Southeast Asia, as shown in the map above. Endomondo provides more social features on top of GPS-enabled sports tracking, like allowing you to connect with strangers who share the same goals, compete against friends, challenge coworkers, and even send real-time pep talks to friends while they exercise.

    For some more stats, running accounts for 41% of their activity, reaching the total of 10 million marathons. Meanwhile, more than half the miles logged come from cyclists who have peddled 614 million miles, or 25,000 trips around the globe.