$35 Billion Worth Of Investors Signed Up As Demo Stands Are Officially Sold Out

    When we started planning Arctic15, we wanted to invite a lot of investors but we did not quite expect this.

    Today, we are happy to announce that we have over 75 registered investors. Considering that many startups are coming with 2-4 people, the startup to investor ratio is probably around one to four, which is great for both sides. This gives us one of the best startup-investor ratios at a conference in the whole of Europe. Of course you can help us out to give the investors a wider choice by registering your ticket here, and if you are an investor, you can improve our ratio’s even more.

    To maximize the effectiveness of this ratio, we will have the whole event focused on matchmaking and networking and speed-dating. The Deal Room will be working the whole time, where you will be able to register one-on-one meetings. Also you will have the chance to attend one of many speed-dating sessions with our investors.

    One other good news is that we sold out our demo stands, meaning that there will be over 40 demo stands for you to go through during the two days of the event. We have also opened up our matchmaking platform to attendees and meetings are being set, so if you though of coming, it is a good idea to get in now to book some meetings.

    We also gave ourselves the promise to not say that we “have sold out” unless we really have. Last time we had to close sales early, due to the fact that we needed to order food quite a bit in advance. This time around we made sure we could keep pushing until the very end.

    However it looks like we might sell-out early anyhow. The capacity of the venue is just over 800 people and we are currently sitting at about 700 participants. For the past 3 days we have been getting over 50 registrations a day and accelerating so it is still possible get a ticket, but there is a chance we will close sales soon. So if you want to support us, you can get your tickets here.

    Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Investor Crowd