I participated in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Finland awards ceremony last night to see who the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Finland were. Before the awards ceremony though, there were two talks by Kaija Pöysti, the founder of Trantex, a translation company that grew to about 200 people before she sold it, and Petteri Koponen the co-founder of Jaiku and partner in Lifeline Ventures among many others.

Petteri Koponen added some interesting pieces to the puzzle how Jaiku eventually got acquired and what the steps were behind it. He also disclosed that they gave away 2% of the company in 0,5% pieces to advisors to get connected and have the best people on board. But most interestingly, he disclosed that they didn’t simply sell Jaiku to Google, because they were in a position where they could choose which direction to go. They had 3 A-round offers on the table from venture capitalists that they turned down and made the deal to be acquired by Google.

However, the main focus of the evening was to award the 10 fastest growing technology companies in Finland that had participated in the competition. Before the awards, it was revealed that Deloitte’s EMEA Tech Fast 500 awards will be given in London soon and at least the Finnish companies taking part in the competition have performed very well compared to earlier years. We’ll report the Nordic and Baltic companies from the list when it becomes public.

The 10 fastest growing technology companies in Finland were (percentage shows cumulative revenue growth in 5 years):

1. Confidex Oy (5513 %)
2. Snoobi Oy (4652 %)
3. Analyse² (4068 %)
4. Uoma Oy (3015 %)
5. Klikkicom Oy (2308 %)
6. Sympa Oy (2177 %)
7. OptoFidelity Oy (1738 %)
8. Endero Oy (1548 %)
9. Netvisor Oy (1532 %)
10. Beneq Oy (1090 %)

We’ll be covering the EMEA level winners as soon as they come in, there are bound to be some very interesting companies on that list.

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