Photos and Fonts bringing users to DeeMe messaging app

    Are users looking for more creativity in texting?

    That’s the idea behind DeeMe, a Norwegian startup that allows you to send messages to each other, but have more fun with it.

    They’re on the Whatsapp scale of things, but consider themselves a more mature version of Snapchat, allowing “artists and creative thinkers” to put together stylish messages.

    As someone who spends too much time to create dumb things to send to friends on Snapchat, I get it. Snapchat is creative, but ephemeral. Whatsapp sticks around, but is utilitarian. Whatsapp makes words end up on your friends’ phone, but that’s about the end of it.

    Growth seems to be going good for the company.

    Its been about 8 weeks since the launch, and we are growing fast. [We’re] passing 110.000 users, and counting.

    On top of that, DeeMe tells us they’ve made it to the top 3 on Producthunt, one of Mashable’s 5 can’t miss apps, and has been featured by Apple as a Best New App in 111 app stores.

    Those numbers aren’t bad by any means, but on the scale of Whatsapp, DeeMe has a good uphill battle. Millennials’ need for filters just might lead the way, however.

    DeeMe is available for iOS and Android