Death Rally is a legend. The game can be argued to have made the Finnish game developer Remedy Games famous well before Max Payne, not to mention Alan Wake. The game was a huge hit in the 90s and has been played by many. Recently, Remedy Games have announced that they will be releasing the game for the iOS – iPhone and iPad in March 2011.

The game is simple, but extremely addictive. You control your car in a race against others, where the simple rule is that – there are no rules. The logic is straight forward, you win races, get money and tune your car with weapons and other accessories with that while creating ever more wreck.

The game will be made available for the iPad and iPhone in March this year. There is no idea how much they will be charging for it, but since the Windows version of the game was made available for free in 2009 there is some hope this could also be coming out for free for the iPad and iPhone. However, nothing is certain yet.

Until March, you can refresh your memories with the following material and join their Facebook page.