Deal Machine – Not Just Another CRM Tool

    Deal Machine, which just recently launched, is a new Finnish startup shooting to take on the CRM giants. The origins of this web-based customer database management system date back to the beginning of this summer when a group of young entrepreneurs started brainstorming on the idea. The product has been developed throughout the summer months and now, at the ripe age of some 90 days, Dealmachine opened to the public.

    CRM field is very competitive market. Recent news include the Finnish Severa being sold to a Norwegian Visma Software. So what new does Dealmachine bring into the game?

    CRM databases as such are not exciting. Rather than being the necessary evil, Deal Machine wants to create a tool that would support the sales teams in a fun and addictive way. Embedded game mechanics transform the whole gruesome process of data collection into a game, defined by game-like functions, such as instant feedback, progress bar and merit badges (it’s aso possible to turn game elements off).

    Collecting points is at this stage the most tangible game element featured in Deal Machine. Points are rewarded not only on one’s sales performance, but also on ability to support others, create meaningful content, comment on other people’s statuses etc. To keep the internal competition up, or intensify sales, individuals’ performance is fastidiously monitored. Deal Machine is thus designed to trigger aggressive selling efforts which could come in handy for growth targeted companies.

    A startup of its generation, Deal Machine is in on the social media train; customer information can be aggregated from different sources, allowing the user to see the customer at a glance from different social media.
    This summer, Deal Machine also participated in Summer of Startups, an Aalto Venture Garage summer program, and found the experience educating.

    Deal Machine is not just a party trick, but a sensible work tool.

    At a private beta for about a month now, a handful of sales organizations are using Dealmachine and giving feedback. The company wants to maintain short development cycles, to be able to move on quickly, therefore the early launch.

    Simplicity and concentration on few core functions and thus giving means to a real time feed and discussion between the sales team is the bread and butter of Dealmachine, whereas the social media tools, gaming cues and integration to external apps then serve as the icing on the top. Improving the performance level and enabling salespersons to have fun at work are the essence of Dealmachine.

    The service launched on this week, so the company says it’s still under heavy development and there should be lots of new improvements coming up soon.

    About the author:
    Charlotta Liukas has been working closely with Aalto Entrepreneurship Society and the Summer of Startups program, aiming to help the Finnish startup ecosystem.