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Groupon has sparked up a lot of similar concepts, if not exactly the same, in many local markets as it has not been able to expand as fast as it should have to satisfy the market demand. In Estonia, Deal24 has taken advantage of this and has launched their own version with a similar concept. The service offers one deal a day and there are no limits to how many people have to purchase it for the offer to become valid.

While there are many copied concepts of Groupon, Deal24 sets itself apart from the competition in a positive way. The UI is polished and helps the buyer to focus on the deal and the information that goes with it.

Deal24 is also expecting to open sites in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. The sites are still very much landing pages to see how many people leave their e-mail addresses and possibly test the market potential in that way.

The service has no forced sign-ins nor pushy e-mail address harvesting, which personally at least increases its appeal. The service is relatively followed in Estonia, where the Deal24.ee site operates as it has over 6000 Facebook fans. While this may not seem a lot, it is a lot by startup standards.

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