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Datamarket is a new Icelandic startup that has just launched their service – a website that gives people access to structured data from private and public data sources. At the moment, they have data only available from Iceland, but they are looking to expand to other countries and areas as well. They have 6 employees and the company was founded in June 2008. The service took 18 months of development before they were able to launch.

The service is now live with a reasonably good amount of data. DataMarket claims to have 7 million timeseries of different data that they can now capitalise on. DataMarket has three different price structures at the moment. The obvious one is the free usage where you can get used to the service itself, the tools and even export the data. The premium model is 59€ a month where you get a lot more possibilities to personalise the data and have access to scheduled e-mail reports as well as image exports and the chance to connect your Excel to live data. The last offering they have is the possibility to have API access to their data servers. These are priced per API requests per month.

At the moment, DataMarket may not seem to have a lot of different use cases but if you think about it – it comes in handy almost equally much as Wikipedia. You need to check that figure to support your sales package for example – figures which are hard to get from Wikipedia itself. At the moment, with the Icelandic dataset they might not gain a lot of traction in Europe. However, they can build and finetune the service with the early users in Iceland and reap on that knowledge once they expand to Europe and other countries outside Iceland.

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