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Back in June 2009 we had YouCalc pitch at our Copenhagen event about their service and only a little over a year later they’ve been acquired by US based SuccessFactors. The deal was disclosed yesterday in a number of sites, such as RWW. YouCalc is a service that helps you get more out of your data in the different services out there. They’ve built an application that can pull data from different applications, and not only show it to you from different points of view, but also mash the data up to understand correlations.

The details of the acquisition were not disclosed. According to TechCrunch, along with the deal SuccessFactors will be debuting their Calculator in the Cloud platform. The service leverages YouCalc’s technology. It will enable users to play what-if -type scenarios based on their data from the cloud, in essence taking YouCalc’s previous service further towards business intelligence.

RWW praises YouCalc’s data visualization and we have to agree. Data is at its most valuable when you’re able to put it into visuals that help you make those decisions. While many companies have the data, it’s usually the one who’s able to tailor it into the most understandable format that wins.

Below is the pitch by YouCalc from our Copenhagen event.

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