​Shopbox Teams Up With Microsoft, HP For Faster Payments

    Danish startup Shopbox said it has developed ‘probably the world’s fastest counter’ for hospitality industry in co-operation with Microsoft and HP.

    Long queues are a pain everywhere in the world for consumers and also retailers.

    “This has enormous importance especially for coffee shops, venues and sports arenas where transaction speed is fundamental for maximizing turnover and getting happier customers,” Shopbox said in a statement.

    Until now Shopbox has been available on iOS, but the new co-operation opens potentially major opportunity for Shopbox.

    Microsoft has now invested $100,000 in having the Shopbox system developed for Windows 10, so it can run on tablets with Microsoft’s operating system. Microsoft and HP hope the app could boost sales of Windows-based tablets for the stores.

    “By combining Shopbox’s innovation with the trustworthy Microsoft platform and HP’s hardware and support, we can offer a complete solution to any retailer,” said Klas Hammar, responsible for Windows 10 at Microsoft Sweden.

    Sweden is the initial country of launch, and the first large scale Swedish customer has bought the solution and has been testing it since early January.

    Shopbox raised 15 million Danish crowns in venture capital in February 2016 from Swedish Zenith Ventures, raising the total it has raised to 30.3 million crowns. Shopbox is used by more than 400 stores and restaurants.