Danish Seed Capital raises new growth fund of 465 million crowns

To secure continued financial support to the most promising startups in Seed Capital’s portfolio, the partners have raised a new growth fund of 465 million Danish crowns ($74.2 million).

“There is a noticeable financial potential in the portfolio, the Seed team has built. We are pleased to be investing in this growth fund aimed at an existing portfolio of promising Danish venture companies, from which we expect an attractive risk-adjusted return”.

Peter Tind Larsen, Head of Alternative Investments at PFA, investor in fund

Seed Capital invests in promising Danish tech companies, which have a very large addressable market and a strong team, at the seed stage and keeps investing in the best of them all the way to exit.

Some 65% of Seed’s initial investments have received Series A funding, beating the European market benchmark of 19%, it said.

Photo by Svend Nielsen on Unsplash