Danish beertech Zymoscope raises $1.2 million

Danish Zymoscope, which is on a mission to disrupt the fermentation market through data-driven fermentation management, has raised 960,000 euros (roughly $1.2 million) to finance its growth in an investment round led by Danish angel investor Mads Heine and Vaekstfonden with Rockstart as co-investors.

Zymoscope enables microbrewers to gain insights into their brewing process and to reduce waste with sensor technologies. Their solution provides remote access to real-time fermentation data, allowing brewers to better control and optimize fermentation processes.

“Despite very little business and startup experience, the Founders have impressed me with very strong team competences, and I am fully confident that their hard work and execution power will prove them successful,” Mads Heine said in a statement.

Despite the pandemics, the current global craft beer market is expected to reach $500bn (€414bn) by 2025 with the annual growth rate averaging at 20%. Zymoscope is currently working with six Danish breweries and aims to commercialize the product on the craft brewing market in 2021.

“ Zymoscope is helping to digitize the centuries-old technique of fermentation, which once again is poised to ignite our food industry. With a passion for the fermentation craft combined with the right mix of skills, the Zymoscope team are set to make a big impact on a growing segment, which is why we are excited at the opportunity to invest,” said Mark Durno, Managing Partner Rockstart AgriFood.