Danish AI startup Abzu raises 5.8 million euros seed round

Denmark-based AI startup Abzu has announced a 5.8 million euro seed round led by Danish Seed Capital, Inventure, and PreSeed Ventures after Abzu has seen increased traction with several of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

“Abzu’s commercial traction in the pharmaceutical industry should put them on everybody’s radar as one of the most interesting deep tech companies coming out of the Nordics, perhaps even Europe,” said Timo Tirkkonen, Partner and Co-founder at Inventure.

Abzu says its pioneering technology, the QLattice, introduces a new standard of interpretability to artificial intelligence, a domain that has lacked the crucial elements of transparency and explainability required to realize its full potential.

“Incumbent AI platforms still struggle with interpretability.”

Casper Wilstrup, CEO of Abzu.

“This is an enormous problem when you depend on understanding ‘the why’ behind ‘the what’ in decision making. Why can’t this drug target the genes causing my cancer? Why was I denied this credit line? If you can’t understand why something happened, then you really don’t know anything at all,” Wilstrup was quoted as saying.