Danes tap no-code trend with Userflow

A Danish founding team is tapping into no-code trend with Userflow a tool allowing SaaS companies to better onboard and guide their users, leading to higher conversion and adoption.

Founders Esben Friis-Jensen and Sebastian Seilund say they aim to make it easy and seamless to build no-code in-app onboarding without taking valuable time from developers.

The two Danes moved to San Francisco 8 years ago to start the now successful companies Billy and Cobalt.io, respectively.

Zoom, Slack, and others have shown the path for how you can grow a company with freemium or free trials, and a strong product as the main driver.

“By being a product-led company ourselves, we are able to think like our customers and eat our own dog food. This makes it easier to build a strong product.”

Userflow founder Esben Friis-Jensen

“With our no-code platform, we are e.g. enabling non-developers to build in-app onboarding, which looks like it is an integrated part of the app. Userflow solves the problem of being able to become more product-led fast and we are hyperfocused on giving the best UX and functionality possible for our customers,” Friis-Jensen said.