DailyPerfectDailyPerfect, an Estonian startup, has launched an interesting predictive news service. We wrote about DailyPerfect earlier with a quote: “it predicts users’ interests through an automated semantic analysis of information publicly available on the web.” Now the time has come to validate whether that holds true.

I took a ride with their service and I have to say it got me saying, “ooh, nice” couple of times. The unexpectedness of the new valid content with content that I follow already was in perfect harmony.

When you enter the site, it waits for you with a text field where you’re asked to enter your name. The first thing that crossed my mind here was that, I thought the site was supposed to have launched – why are they asking for my e-mail address to get an update (like so many other sites). Only after reading (instead of guessing) the content I realised that WAS the service. All it wanted to know was my name.

Once I entered my name – it went on to do it’s thing. This didn’t take too long, considering the amount of work it scours through. When it’s done DailyPerfect comes back with a website that has a collection of news snippets at the bottom and a tag field at the top. You’re able to either like or dislike the tags through thumbs up and thumbs down respectively. The service is intuitive and easy to adopt.

DailyPerfect’s CEO Louis Kanganis states that they will pursue revenues through advertising. However, based on their system’s logic – they are not going to be using the service to advertise on their site, but go after third party content elsewhere. So in essence, DailyPerfect is a technology company that would get its revenue from licensing its technology for advertisers. Not bad at all – there’s proof of concept in this market already from a Finnish company called Leiki.

DailyPerfect is a company to come out of the Ambien Sound Investment (ASI) incubators. ASI was founded by the people who launched Skype, so there is a ton of valuable experience there to help DailyPerfect reach new heights. I have to finish by saying that I’m very impressed with DailyPerfect and they’ll surely have a bright future based on their execution of the service. Either this or they’ve totally managed to pre-programme the content spot on for me manually – however, I do doubt that!