Cybelangel: Slush100 winner

For big companies, the security of data should be a priority. If a hacker enters your database, they can steal information worth more than your company – from your customer credit card numbers to the map of a secured room in a bank.

CybelAngel scans the web (including the deep one) to find data linked to your company and create alerts to let you know that some of your files are being exchanged in dark marketplaces. “While Google focuses on the surface, we explore the Dark Web and connected devices with very high frequency”, it says.

With a team of 30 people, including cryptographers, their business has doubled during the past 12 months and they are expecting 1.4 million euros in revenue in 2016. Their customers, including a major German bank, have all renewed their subscriptions and the company aims to continue roughly doubling its revenues each year as it expands operations internationally and creates a global distribution network with major IT companies to eliminate all scalability issues.