Let’s spread positivity and overcome this!

As you know recently due to the global pandemic, people have been drowning in negativity and endless posts & news about the coronavirus damage on businesses, economic crashes and overall panic signals affecting people.

Also unfortunately due to these difficult times, a lot of people lost their jobs and had to suddenly become job seekers with no guidance and often no reliable network.

The Problem
I have been seeing a lot of posts and articles naming hundreds of companies doing layoffs and hiring freezes and didn’t see ANY post talking about the positive side and stable companies currently open for business and able to hire people now!

I have been talking with a lot of job seekers and HR/Recruitment managers in different places and I noticed a major problem there is a lot of misinformation and uncertainty among people about the local economy and companies ability to hire and onboard people right now.

Now more than ever job boards and Linkedin has a lot of outdated job Ads & additionally Ads for companies who are currently on a hiring freeze and can’t afford to hire people right now.

On the job seekers side, they are spending a huge amount of time/effort applying and contacting companies that are not able to hire, it’s creating frustration and anxiety in an already stressful time.

On the now actively hiring companies side, they are recently getting fewer applications and finding it hard to inform people in a clear way that they are open for business and able to hire people right now, recently as you might’ve seen resulting in spending thousands on paid ads on Linkedin just to show they are open for applicants right now.

With all of that in mind I wanted to create a solution!
I personally wanted to do an initiative that helps people and businesses in Finland and across the Nordics to solve this misinformation issue and create something to spread positivity and showcases reliable information to people about the companies able to hire and direct job seekers to them and reduce all of the wasted time/efforts and money.

The initiative is called OpenNord and today is the launch!

With the help of my great friend Mansoor who is also a Software Developer we created this initiative platform on our free time pro bono to help people in our local community in the Nordics.

Another major factor that makes OpenNord info directory significantly different from other platforms is that we are personally monitoring and/or talking with companies HR managers directly to confirm if they are able to hire right now before we add them to the platform. Indeed this is a manual way that will take a lot of time and effort from us but this way we are ensuring to people that the info we add is reliable and they won’t be wasting their time with companies not hiring right now.

We already added a few confirmed employers and we are aiming to update the list daily!

This initiative was built voluntarily and while discussing this initiative with people before the launch we were positively surprised by people willingness to help and join us, we are happy to start with two great contributions with us in this mission: Kim Oguilve and Wasim Al Nasser

This is an open-source initiative/platform and we welcome anyone who wants to join us and contribute with their skills to develop the initiative further & help more people!

I also started actively to contact and onboard supporting organizations from the Public/Private sector to support and share this initiative on their own channels, we are happy to have: Arctic15, Startup100, Helsinki Business Hub, TE office, Stockholm City, Finland TEM

And people supporting us from: Maria 01, Slush, Microsoft, FiBAN and many more to come! Special thanks to all of them, if your organization wants to support this then ping me!

Visit the full platform here:

If you are a job seeker go there and see reliable information on who is hiring right now and save your time

If you are a company hiring right now you can add your company info directly on the platform or contact us and we will help you inform people that you are hiring right now

I wish you all good luck and we hope this will help as many people as possible 🙂

Feel free to share our initiative

-Eyas Taha
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