Cupple Makes Private Sharing Social In Latest Update

    2012 was the year of private sharing apps. Rather than sharing our breakfasts with the whole world, we pulled back a little in the last year – instead deciding to share our breakfasts with only our significant others or family members. In the region we’ve seen apps like Cupple pop up, which allows people in a relationship to keep in touch better by sharing messages, photos, ‘stickers’, and by checking into places.

    Interestingly, Cupple has decided to move towards some public sharing features in a new update. After digging through the app’s usage data, CEO Tim Allison was bothered by how the app was only used when couples were apart- there was no reason for couples to really use the app when they were together. So to give the app more stickeyness, they decided to make some features slightly more public.

    “It becomes more of an everyday life product,” says Tim Allison, founder of Cupple. “If you’re sitting in a nice cafe, you can now go one step further to recommend the place to other couples. Whilst maintaining privacy. It’s about giving people the option.”

    Users can also suggest date places for your friends to visit through Facebook. Sharing a location pulls up the location on the Cupple web view, like this checkin. If users want more information, the can click on the location name to pull up Foursquare’s information.

    Photo albums can also be shared on Facebook through the Cupple app, which Allison says is a romantic way to keep photos in context.

    Allison moved from Newcastle in the UK to Copenhagen last spring, and tells us that he’ll be there for the foreseeable future. The next things he’s looking for are partnerships with local partners, like dating sites, which he hopes will give them access to a wider market. So far, installs of the app have risen by 300% in the last 3 months, and usage is up 400% every month, according to the company.

    The app can be downloaded on iOS, here.