CupoNation continues to expand in the Nordics

    Coupon-company CupoNation, one of the biggest platforms of deals and offers worldwide, continues to expand in the Nordics. The service launched next in Denmark is already available in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

    The Managing Director of CupoNation Nordics, Mads Bukholt, says Denmark is an interesting market for the company growing in a fast pace:

    “We have been doing some heavy lifting and learning in the other Nordic countries, and now we’re excited to be stepping in Denmark which is a market with only few small competitors. Now we’re hoping that our learning experiences in the region will make our launch in Denmark more smooth,” says Bukholt.

    In Denmark, as well as other Nordic countries, Bukholt says that educating people has been one of their biggest challenges. Increasing the knowledge of discount coupons as a service takes time, while many potential customers mix their platform with online deal offers.

    “We’re working hard to educate the market so that we can make our concept more clear for the customers. Cooperation with local newspapers in the Nordics has been a great deal at this process for us,” Bukholt describes.

    “Our aim is to help the customers search for discount coupons so quickly, that if a person wants to shop something they will get the best price by searching online by the name of the retailer and the word ‘discount’ – which would take in total about 30 seconds more during the process,” he continues.

    Best prices for the customers – Better reach for the companies

    As it’s clear that the customers receive value of discounts as savings, Bukholt clarifies that the partner retailers achieve through using CupoNation a better reach to a group of potential clients they wouldn’t otherwise find:

    “It’s all about finding a good deal for the parties. By partnering with us, the companies get access to people they wouldn’t otherwise find though they might lose a bit of their commission – And the customers find the best discounts in the market.”

    As concentrating now fully on scaling up the business in the Nordic region, company headquartered in Munich is also planning to open an office in Stockholm. At the moment, CupoNation has around 2000 partners in the Nordics.

    “It’s a big investment for us to expand in the Nordics and we really want become a part of the local ecosystem,” states Bukholt – And emphasises that they’re also open for cooperation with the startups at the region:

    “Being open and engaging the community keeps us young and cool though we’re nowadays a huge company based on the revenue.”