Cruitway Launches Web Platform For Student Targeted Recruitment

Ever found yourself looking for a job? Moreover, did you feel like finding a good quality position that matches your talent was sometimes painfully difficult?

Together with graduates from Uppsala University in Sweden, Adrian Swartz, co-founder and CEO of Cruitway, came to the conclusion that both questions had the same affirmative answer. Additionally, not only was this true for countless of other students including him, there also didn’t seem to be any effective solution out there that really solved the matchmaking issue.

This realization led to the birth of Cruitway (formerly Studentlänken), the Swedish recruitment matchmaking platform where Cruitway’s three business philosophies, relevance, simplicity and employer ROI, have been put to the test.

Today, Cruitway is taking a step forward towards taking a bigger slice of the national recruitment markets, as they’re moving from working solely through mobile operations to launching a full time online platform. The mobile application alone currently has 12 000 downloads in Sweden.

What Cruitway has to offer is mainly a broad and well constructed network of Swedens largest employers, (with big players like IKEA, Ericsson and Spotify among 400 others), with which they can create “pure quality matchmaking”, as Swartz puts it in an interview with us.

By pure quality he means Cruitway’s highly selective filters through which job ads and employers have to pass. The reason for this is clear; Cruitway wants to stay as relevant as possible, offering students exactly the kind of positions that truly match their skills and qualifications. Their target group are students from a variety of educational backgrounds, such as engineering, economics, law, communication and so forth.

For these students, using Cruitway has been made as simple as possible; registration only requires to know what the student is studying and where. No proof is necessary (but is recommended to have ready in case you get an interview). Based on this information, the platform then finds job ads which match your profile the most, removing the need to surf dozens of different recruitment websites which offer jobs from all corners of the industries, with little to no relevance to the job seeker.

As for employer ROI, a more selective job platform will definitely pay itself back on the long run; better matching employees are more likely to not only stay on board, but also deliver the quality of work every employer is after.

Currently Cruitway receives some 1200 job ads every week, through which they select the cherries from the top – around 600 job ads are posted every week.

Self funded since the very start, Cruitway has gone a long way, partly thanks to the Bonnier acceleration program we covered yesterday, but Swartz assures us they won’t be satisfied with being no. 1 in Sweden. The idea is to take over Europe, but in order to do this, they first need to be the biggest in home ground. Whatever happens, the direction is promising.

Swartz adds that it’s going to be a tough job, as the recruitment markets are full of competition. However, he feels confident in a Cruitway victory, as no other platform has taken their selective approach, putting quality over quantity.

Near future might reveal us Cruitway’s investment rounds, though when and how much is still to be disclosed.