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The Finnish Casual Continent aims to challenge the leading MMOGs with its new Crown of Byzantus browser based game. Speaking of leading MMOGs, one can mention Travia, OGame and Seafight which together have some 60 million registered users. All these games are directly playable from the browser and require no installation to the local computer. While the average revenue per user generated is only 1.5 euros, it is still approximately a 90 million euro market.

Crown of Byzantus is a game where the player starts off as a knight errant and has to work his way up to the top, build armies and wage war. A legendary story that surely has its audiences. It’s also a wise move from Casual Continent to position the game in the medieval times as OGame takes place in space, while Travian is positioned somewhat in the same niche and Seafight takes place in the marine setting.

Casual Continent was one of the companies to receive 500 000 Danish Crowns (just a little under 70 000 euros) as a grant from Nordic Game. Crown of Byzantus opens to closed beta as of today and will open to the public at large later in the spring.

If you would like to test the game, we have 40 invites for you. Please use the code arcticstartup when you sign up (registrations seem to open at 12 o’clock today). We’re not calculating these so when the code stops working, you’re late.

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