Crowdfunding Roundup In The ArcticStartup Region

    Is that €50 bill Grandma slipped into your Christmas card burning a hole in your pocket? There are a decent amount of crowdfunding projects going on in the Nordics and Baltics, and here are a few that may spark your interest. Also if you have your own project that you would like to get crowdfunded, check out these things to consider for Reward-based and Equity Crowdfunding by Antti Hemmilä from Attorneys at law Borenius.

    And now that we’re talking about lawyers, we should probably say these are just a few things that caught our eye, and not to be taken as investment advice or expressed support these companies or crowdfunding platforms.

    Reward-based Crowdfunding

    DIY Space Capsule – Copenhagen – IndyGoGo
    Copenhagen Suborbitals has a mission we all should have: to mess around with rockets until we get to space. They write: “Since May 2008 we have been working full time to reach our goal of launching ourselves into space and to show the world that human space flight is possible without major government budgets and administration.”

    The funding will be used for development of their one-man space capsule development and construction. Of their rewards, $500 (€377) will get you a tour of their facility and ability to sit in the space capsule seat, which sounds pretty awesome.

    At time of publication they have raised $8,616 of a $10,000 goal. 4 days remain.

    Transparent Speaker by People People – Stockholm – Kickstarter
    People People write: “We believe audio is best heard, not seen,” and I guess they have a point. The transparent speaker boasts a 6.5 inch subwoofer and two 3 inch full-range drivers.

    You can connect your audio through a standard headphone jack, but for a cleaner installation you can plug in a bluetooth or WiFi dongle into the back.

    A $360 donation (€270) should get you a speaker kit (not including the glass – which you’ll have to find someone to source and cut yourself) or $490 (€370) will put you in line for the full version.

    They’re 97% funded at $116,717, with 25 days to go, so get out that wallet if clear loud things appeal to you.

    Equity Crowdfunding

    Delish – Helsinki – Invesdor
    Delish is looking to expand their convenience stores, and is trying to open their next store using crowdfunding. They’re giving up 5.88% of the company to hit their initial target of €250,000, giving a minimum post-money valuation of €4.25 million. If they hit €450,000, they plan to open two stores.

    The funding is currently at 6% with 39 days to go.

    Climbstation – Helsinki – Invesdor
    These guys are looking for funding for their indoor climbing apparatus, which works somewhat like a vertical treadmill. This allows the climber to climb indefinitely, without the need for high ceilings in gyms. With the funding they will broaden their portfolio and update their current products.

    They’re looking for a minimum of €50,000 at which they’ll give up 4.35%, giving a post-money of €1.15 million.

    Virtuous Vodka – Stockholm – FundedByMe
    Flavored vodka is a hit, but generally relies on artificial flavorings. Virtuous Vodka offers organic, natural flavorings, and is prepared to take that high-end sector of people that want to get a little bit of that buzz going, but are eco and health conscious.

    They’ve raised SKr887,960 out of SKr999,350, and are willing to give up 9.99% of the company. This gives them a post-money of SKr10,003,503 or €1,167,078. Three weeks remain.

    Are there any projects we missed? Let us know in the comments.