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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Crowdculture Provides Platform For Scandinavia's First Film Crowdfunding Service

Crowdculture, the Swedish crowdfunding platform, has launched a new interface that makes it possible for other platforms and communities to use the Crowdculture crowdfunding mechanism. The first to use this opportunity is Filmbasen, a filmmaker’s meeting place and workshop located in Stockholm, who has likely been watching the successful crowdfunding efforts of Finland’s Iron Sky very closely.

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Currently three projects are looking for funding around the SEK 30 000 (€3 300) range. One project, Clownmedicin, has already raised 5 400 SEK, hitting 28% of its goal. In return, financiers can receive DVDs and other rewards.

But in addition to private financier’s funds, Crowdculture provides direct co-financing with public money from a special fund. The system provides democratized film support, allowing the public to influence which films get money from public financing.

I imagine building a network of platforms makes a lot of sense for the art projects found on the Crowdculture platform. Communities like Filmbasen are the strongest when they can live in their own space, yet plugging into a bigger system also provides positive network effects. Crowdculture has been angling to take their platform across Europe, so it will be interesting to see if they expand mostly through these niche partnerships.

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