Cross-Platform Reputation Score Deemly Raises Seed Investment

Copenhagen-based Deemly, the personal reputation site for users in the sharing economy, have closed seed investment from Danish venture capital firm Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation.

Deemly combines users’ personal ratings from a variety of platforms into one reputation score, enabling users to take their reputation for example from Airbnb to Uber.

“Our job is to build a tool which creates better conditions for sharing both for users and the platforms. In this way we create a foundation for a sharing economy which can benefit us all,” Sara Green Brodersen, Founder and CEO of Deemly, said in a statement.

The raised money will be spent on building and launching the software-as-a-service features aimed at sharing economy platforms. The features will enable platforms to install user scores on their own website and in addition the company will provide an integrated rating system for newer platforms. Research shows aggregated scores can increase platforms’ turnover by 30 percent as users feel safer and more trustworthy, Deemly said.

“We see the sharing economy as an important part of the future economy and Deemly addresses a key challenge in that market.”

The company already has agreements with a number of platforms and a waiting list of several hundred users. Deemly will be rolling out in beta over the spring.

The company did not disclose the value of the investment.