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Create And Track Digital And Online Publications At Ease With Magma

What’s the worst nightmare of publishing a magazine or a book? In my opinion everything. From curating content, keeping an eye on articles, managing submissions and all the way to the very last page. You have options to outsource this, hire a publishing house to take care of all such stuff, but is it feasible? Easy? Effective or better still, efficient? Not exactly and with the world moving towards a more digital dimension, this traditional method seems a bit too outdated.

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Keeping an eye on this Magma, a Danish startup makes its entry into the Web space to simplify the process of publication. And that includes both digital and print. How exactly does this simplify the process?

Easy Flatplanning: Start your magazine or any publication from scratch or simply use the layout of the previous version of it. Magma provides you a preview of how your content would look giving an instant edge to decide what suits your publication and what doesn’t.

Better Organization: Used to a lot of scribbling, editing, prioritizing content? Keep an eye on all this with Magma’s dashboard to stay updated how far your project is being completed. A big help to avoid last minute panics.

Easy Collaboration: You have a team of contributors, one doing the content, the other editing, another one with graphics, etc. You are at ease to share, delegate tasks to your team as you see fit.

MagmaThose are but three winning points here. But in my opinion the best part is accessibility, the biggest problem you can face when it comes to accessing data. Your manuscript, design, team travels with you and the only thing separating is an Internet Connection. You can collaborate and manage advertisement, see how they appear on your project, make instant decisions. Top all that with ease of getting more writers to become a part of your team, a simple email address and you are game to expand your team and make the project better.

The pricing plan for the service is as follows:

  • Basic 1 publication @ $35/month
  • Pro – 3 publications @ $145/month
  • Premium – 10 publications @ $295/month
  • Unlimited – @ $595/month
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