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Stockholm-based venture firm Creandum has half a billion to feed early stage startups

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Stockholm-based international venture firm Creandum announced its new fund worth half a billion dollars. The firm, so far, has an appealing success (1 in 8) judging by its investments that have turned into unicorns Spotify, iZettle, TradeRepublic, Norwegian edtech Kahoot, Swedish fintech Klarna, etc.

With this new $500m fund, the Swedish company is planning to continue investing in entrepreneurs from Europe and the US whose inventions bring about a change to the world while backing its existing portfolio that includes some of Europe’s most successful tech companies. The latest fund will feed entrepreneurs on some areas like the creator economy, Web3, energy and climate tech.

Creandum VI: Half a billion dollars for early founders — before it’s obvious

For nearly twenty years, Creandum has committed to entrepreneurs whose products change the world. They will continue this journey with a new $500m fund: Creandum VI.

Heavily oversubscribed and backed by the leading institutions globally, they will continue our work supporting companies across Europe and the US from the earliest stages.

Today, 1 in 8 of Creandum’s portfolio companies are unicorns — loved by billions worldwide. But that’s only half the story.

Brands like Spotify, iZettle, and Trade Republic have become household names. Yet when they met them, it was just Daniel, Jacob, Christian, and a vision.

The early stage is where Creandum has always been most comfortable. They commit to founders before the world catches on, before everyone knows, before it’s obvious.

Creandum VI will continue on this path.

This commitment means patience and relentless support throughout the highs and lows of every entrepreneurial journey. This commitment is what differentiates us from those who think value is created in the short term.


Today, competition across every category of innovation is fierce. But founders who focus on building the best products still prevail. Those who dare to think in generational opportunities and solutions will succeed by virtue of their burning passion for product excellence.

Time and again, the company has witnessed the success, not of those who run the fastest, but of those who never lose track of the problems they aim to solve. Those who care for the details others overlook. Those who focus on the core needs of their customers and create the best experiences.

Each Creandum fund over the last fifteen years now holds valuations between 6x and 13x. With Creandum VI, they will add some of the most renowned universities, endowments, foundations, and institutions globally to the circle of partners who put trust in the company.

In addition, they welcome back every single LP from every single Creandum fund since the beginning of their journey.

As a firm, Creandum has also continued its work in diversity, equity, and inclusion by updating their Diversity Index on proportions of diversity within the team and portfolio. They have introduced a new DE&I policy with clear targets and commitments. The subject has been close to their hearts — and we have now publicly committed to positive change.

Finally, Creandum today is a truly international venture firm. They once started in Stockholm — the true roots in their company culture and product DNA. The addition of the San Francisco office helped the company shape their understanding of true global products and offer network support between the two continents. Berlin paved the way to become the leading early-stage venture fund in Europe.

With the addition of its London Office at the end of last year, Creandum today operates close to the entrepreneurs in four of the most vibrating startup ecosystems globally.

A lot of things continue with Creandum VI — in and around the firm. Yet, looking back at almost 20 years of early-stage investing, seeing the state of the European Ecosystem today, and working with a fund that enables them to help shape the digital world like never before:
“We could not be more excited, to back the companies of tomorrow, like it was day one here at Creandum.”
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