Coworks pivot once again

    First they were Mancx, a website that sought to provide the best Q&A service possible for business users. Then they pivoted and became Coworks and along with a new name took on a whole new challenge. They entered the market for matching freelancers with businesses, instead of just knowledge they were looking to bring people together. Their strategy to do this in a new way was to use people’s own social networks to provide recommendations on which freelancers to hire. Now they’re changing track again, so what’s new?

    This time they haven’t changed their name, or their target market, they’re just changing how they go about matching business requirements with freelance workers. It seems that using social networks hasn’t worked out for the guys at Coworks so they’ve come up with a new plan. They have moved to a curated model where they will provide businesses with a shortlist of candidates they think will be best suited for the jobs required.

    They’re playing in a crowded marketplace; Elance, oDesk, Guru and freelancer are all well known names in the field and command the most attention, however Coworks feel they have spotted a flaw in the market that they can capitalise on. The size of some of these service websites mean that any job posting gets an overwhelming number of applications and for applicants they can find that they get lost in the flood. Coworks believe that by acting as a curator they can best match jobs with freelancers, taking the stress and pain out of the work finding process for both parties.

    Will they find success this time around? Only time will tell but lets hope Coworks can stop spinning for now.