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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Copenhagen's Startups Now Mapped. Is There One For Your City?

In this week’s Copenhagen StartupDigest, Nick Hawtin writes that a couple guys from Podio put together a website plotting Copenhagen’s startups on a map. CPHstartups has a pretty cool take on the mapping concept, breaking down startups by coworking spaces, who is bootstrapping, who is funded, and (because the Podio guys put it together) who has exited.

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Below is a dumb screenshot for a quick peek, but run over to cphstartups.com to dig into it yourself.

Also in the region we have StartupLocation.com‘s Stockholm and Helsinki startup cartography. The other Nordic startup capitals are hinted at on StartupLocation, but since the project has been around for over a year, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I’m not aware of any startup maps for any other cities in the Nordic or Baltic countries. Do any exist? Let us know in the comments! Otherwise, you should build one for your city and then tell us about it.

Edit: Oslo has one as well, hosted by Startup Norway! Follow the link in Tor’s tweet.

And to Tor’s point, I think ArcticStartup needs to set up ‘ArcticStartup Labs’ to fool around with some more technological ways to help promote the region. Any programmers out there looking for some projects? I think we should plan a hackathon.

Land Surveyor in the field – spring surveying image by Shutterstock

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