Copenhagen's AIRTAME hits $29,000 in First Day on Indiegogo

    A hot new piece of technology hitting the Indiegogo’s is Copenhagen’s AIRTAME, a wireless HDMI dongle that lets you display your screen and sound onto any other tv, projector, or monitor. To put it simply, AIRTAME basically does the heavy lifting of a gold plated HDMI cable without the cable. Instead of a wired connection you just have a wireless dongle on each side. The technology supports different screen resolutions, up to 1080p.

    To use it, the company says it’s as easy as joining a wifi network – you just view and connect to any AIRTAME devices it can pick up. For use from your computer you’ll have to install their software to your computer, which hangs out in your taskbar.

    The company’s goal isn’t just about replacing HDMI cables; the AIRTAME software lets you share your screen with other computers if they’re connected by the dongles or on a local network, regardless if its a Windows, Mac, or Linux device.

    The fundraising goal is $16,000 by New Year’s Eve. The project was launched just yesterday, but has already managed to gather close to $30,000 on its first day.

    The team of 5 Danish developers and hackers have been working on the solution for the last two years. There’s clearly competing solutions for moving your screen around the living room, like Apple TV and ChromeCast, but AIRTAME sees themselves in a unique solution, according to the chart below.