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ConnectedDayThe Finnish business paper Kauppalehti has dugg up some interesting facts about ConnectedDay, the Finnish based startup that focuses around photographing and videoing children in day care centres. The photos and videos can then be shared with parents wanting to have an eye on their children while at work.

Sari Baldauf, a former Nokia Networks chief, has invested into the company and now owns 25 percent stake in it. Risto Siilasmaa, another well known investor has invested into the company with a 35 percent stake in it. According to Timo Airisto, CEO of ConnectedDay, Siilasmaa and Baldauf are seen as both investors and mentors to the company.

According to the Finnish tax authority, the company had no revenues in 2007 and according to Airisto, last year was still in the red, but they are looking to break even this year.

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