Confetti gives events a home

    A year ago at Stockholm Startup Day I got a Confetti business card – which instead of your standard business card was a small clear envelope with a business card in it, and plenty of confetti in the package. Traveling back from Sweden the cards I collected ended up in my backpack, and even a few months ago I found the odd Confetti piece from the deeper pockets from where the card leaked out.

    Just like confetti in a backpack, it’s been a hard startup to get out of my mind. Behind the product are the good folks behind SthlmJS, the javascript event that has blown up with so much demand to the successful NordicJS conference. It’s safe to say the team knows something about how to create momentum around events, and they’re looking to fix the fact that there’s not really a great platform for your own event website. Sure, Eventbrite, meetup, or Facebook will give you a mechanism for ticketing, but if you’re looking for the right home for your messaging there really isn’t a leading platform.

    The platform allows you to throw in a nice header image to your event webpage, describe the call to action, and add a few photos to boot. It’s a simple platform to drive tickets, but the backend (with fancy live-updating forms) seem to give you plenty of options to feel like you’ve tweaked your event page properly, and have the right tools to reach your attendees and follow up professionally by email.

    If you’re throwing a conference, this is probably a little on the lightweight side, but for the long-tail of workshops, hackathons, parties, or weddings, confetti will get the job done in a clean package. It’s free for free events, while a few pro features and paid events run you 500 SEK (€53) for a single event or 210 SEK a month (€22) if you go for their yearly billing option for unlimited events. On top of the paid events they charge a 5% credit card fee, as well as a fixed rate.