Confessions from an accelerator

Before deciding to apply to Startupbootcamp, my team and I  had an intensive, week-long discussion. Were we ready to move from Copenhagen to Berlin for  the three-month programme? Were we ready to drop everything else to concentrate solely on our  startup Faraday Motion? For all of us, it meant quitting one engagement or another to commit to  founding a company.

We made our decision and, once we got accepted into Startupbootcamp, we packed our bags,  and moved to Berlin.
Faraday Motion has a lot to gain from Berlin’s startup ecosystem. We are a technology  company that is developing lightweight electric vehicles for last mile solutions. Our first product  is the Hyperboard – a smart, modular and personal electric skateboard, built with 3D printable  components.

On Day 1 at Startupbootcamp, we had a solid plan on how we wanted the next three months to  look. But after the first day, we felt like we didn’t have much of anything left. We had to regroup  and rethink who we are as a company.
During this time, I recorded my thoughts in the Startupbootcamp Confessional Booth.

Take a  look at the video HERE

A lot has happened since recording that confessional, and the camera is still rolling. You can  keep up with our story on our newsletter or follow #sbcConfessions on Twitter to view more  confessions from me and from other founders in the Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator.

By Constantin Colac, co-founder at Faraday Motion