Complete Your Daily Tasks Smoother than Ever With Todoist Next

Task management has become more and more essential for busy people, which is why the markets have quite a few to-do-lister apps out there you can choose from. Just as with any other type of application, its hard to decide which one available is the best. Though popularity does not always correlate with quality, as we’ve seen in contemporary ball wrecking pop music, being listed as number one in Forbes’ top 9 to-do list apps has to count for something.

1.2 million happy users can’t all be wrong either, so lets just say Todoist should be a strongly considered candidate for those thinking about giving task-management applications a test run. The founder, Amir Salihedendic, is a Bosnian immigrant to Denmark and besides, it’s free and it works on multiple platforms, so its hard to find an excuse not to try it based on the size of your wallet or device.

The reason Todoist has gained such a broad user base and high ranking is a combination of a well made user interface and its compatibility with practical use. Todoist’s simple design emits a comforting calmness that really invites you to stay and try it out, which isn’t as easy as it may sound like. Many to-do list apps take a too aggressive approach in their designs; strong colors, ads and complicated calendar grids can easily overwhelm new users and scare them off. Todoist is more of an fill-as-you-go type of app that flexes with any pace you wish to use.

Using the app is surprisingly self-explanatory; simply create a project and add tasks (much like composing emails), set due to dates, select priority levels (optional) and finally, share your tasks with contacts, depending on the nature of the project. You can have separate lists for your family, friends and co-workers who can check the tasks as they complete them and delegate new ones when needed.

Premium members (a title obtainable for $29/year) will have additional, more detailed and technical features which will come handy if you’re a more regular user. These features include remainders or task alarm clocks, notes, file attachments and even productivity charts.

Last month, Todoist launched the upgraded version of its current product, the Todoist Next. The upgrade will fill in the previous version with some new basic functions and a hint of visual redesign that will make the overall experience more efficient for both free and premium users.

The Todoist Next promises smooth collaboration between 13 platforms, which basically means you can do all your task management related stuff no matter which device you’re on. Another fundamental change are instant notifications. This means all task associated contacts will get notified and the tasks synchronized in real time, which was previously reserved for premium users. Updating to the Todoist Next is as easy as it gets; just sign in with your Todoist account and update it here.

To be fair and honest, the new features and design updates don’t make the app much different. The new version is just a tiny bit better than the previous one, only making a few nice extra additions while keeping the stuff that worked fine the way it was.

Then again, there’s no need to fix what wasn’t broken in the first place.