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Competencer aims on supporting individuals' growth through online advising service

Digital advising platform Competencer aims on helping individuals to receive personal counseling from specialists in Sweden.

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Individuals can arrange one-on-one meetings with specialists in Competencer

Receiving tips on how to improve your everyday life hasn’t ever been easier in Sweden, since a Stockholm based startup company Competencer launched its digital advising platform today. The service aims on helping individuals to get personal advice online from specialists in different fields. The focus of the platform is in health, lifestyle and personal development.

The co-founder of Competencer Janna Jarlman says that the idea for the service was born through their own needs:

“I had a hard time organizing meetings on a distance with a leadership coach, because the whole experience was fragmented with information in different emails and difficulties with bank transfers. My co-founder Tove had a similar problem: she wanted to find a career coach, but didn’t know where she could find one and compare different offerings. We thought it was strange that it was easier to buy a fridge online than to buy real-time advice.”

Finding the right advisor

Competencer works as a connecting platform between individuals and professionals. Once creating a profile on the site, clients have the opportunity to book one-on-one meetings with psychologists, psychotherapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, business coaches and lifestyle coaches.

Jarlman says that they want to create a streamline experience in Competencer both to the client and the advisor – This concerns the meetings, individual follow ups as well as the payment system. Payment is handled through the platform within 24 hours after the booking has been confirmed.

Competencer market place helps individuals to find the right advisors to their needs

Competencer is focusing first to the swedish market, but Jarlman says they are already looking for opportunities in additional geographical markets. They also see a great potential in adding fields to the service offering.

“Our goal is to become the number one website when a person wants to get professional advice. Ultimately it means that you will be able to get coached by an American business coach from your office, talk about your gluten intolerance with a nutritionist while vacationing in Italy, and meet with your psychologist while sitting in your couch at home,” says Jarlman.

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